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The Future of Luxury Smart Home Technology in Houston

luxury home smart technology

Living in the 21st century has many benefits, especially because of all of the great advancements in technology for the home. These advancements have made life much easier, more convenient, and more comfortable for those who have invested in them. Just about everyone carries some type of smartphone around with them every day, and many of the luxury smart home technology systems that are available can be controlled entirely by your phone. 

In the past, such technological advances as the “clapper” or even television remote controls made life in people’s homes much easier. Current technology has advanced to the point where almost everything you do or interact with in your home can be automated or controlled by a cell phone or your own voice. It has truly become a great digital age!

For those who own luxury homes or are looking to invest in a luxury property, having luxury smart home technology is more than a necessity. It is an expectation. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Chris Schmidt Team, our realtors understand the value of luxury smart home technology and have ways of ensuring that home buyers find the types of homes with upscale features they are looking for, complete with full luxury smart home technology. We also work diligently to help home sellers attract the right home buyers who expect to find houses with full smart technology capabilities.

What Is Luxury Home Smart Technology?

Smart home technology empowers homeowners to manage a range of house features using smartphones or internet-connected devices. This user-friendly setup aims to maximize comfort and convenience for homeowners. 

Once a home is equipped with automated systems and smart technology, it not only enhances convenience but also leads to long-term cost savings. These systems come in both wireless and hard-wired options, catering to individual preferences. Notably, the inclusion of smart technology has evolved into an anticipated amenity for luxury homes.

Benefits of Luxury Smart Home Technology in Houston

Luxury smart home technology is an excellent way for homeowners to remain updated with the latest advancements and to feel a greater sense of control over their homes. However, this technology also provides a variety of practical benefits for any homeowner who decides to make the investment in upgrading their home systems. Some of these benefits include:

  • Controlling all of your smart-connected devices from one centralized location through a convenient app
  • Replacing devices as new technology is developed and released is usually quite easy and seamless
  • Users can receive alerts on their phones or tablets to ensure that everything is in proper working order
  • Home functions such as climate control can be adjusted without being in the house – great for hot summer days!
  • Increases in your home’s capability for energy efficiency
  • Appliances will function at their highest efficiency
  • Money saving opportunities abound

With all of these great benefits, it makes sense for luxury homeowners to make an investment in smart technology. If you are planning to sell your house, home buyers will be expecting it to be equipped with luxury smart home technology.

Smart Technology Every Luxury Home Should Have

There are lots of options for homeowners to invest in smart technology, and it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which ones are right for you. Below are some of the most impressive, practical, and worthwhile technologies that you should consider installing in your home:

Smart Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen stands out as a highly practical area for integrating smart technology within your home. Numerous appliances are accessible, ready to become integral components of your smart home setup, all aimed at simplifying your daily routine. Among these are the oven, refrigerator, and other essentials, all seamlessly linked to your smart home system.

For instance, consider a refrigerator that maintains a record of your frequently purchased food items, alerting you when supplies run low. Moreover, these appliances can aid you in discovering and downloading recipes from the internet. In certain cases, advanced refrigerators can even narrate recipes to you as you navigate through them.

Smart Technology for Household Features 

Common household systems such as the lighting, climate/thermostat, cleaning systems, and even alarms can all be a part of your smart home technology. You can program the system to turn on lights before you even get home for work. Users can adjust the thermostat from their phones if the in-house temperature has risen above or fallen below normal. Even smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can send alerts to your phone and call the needed emergency services.

Smart Security

Every homeowner wants to feel safe and secure in their homes, and the luxury home smart technology can improve this feeling of safety. Smart security systems can connect security cameras, doorbell cameras, and other security devices to your phone so that you are always well-aware of what is happening at your house. You can also lock doors or windows remotely, if necessary.

Smart Technology for Entertainment Systems

Televisions, stereos, sound systems, speakers, and other entertainment devices can be programmed through your phone and/or controlled with your voice. This can make your entertainment experience so much better and easier. Smart TVs can even learn you and your family’s favorite preferences for shows and channels and help you always find something that is most interesting to you.

Here are some smart technologies for home entertainment:
  • Smart TVs – These televisions connect to the internet and allow you to stream content, control them through voice assistants like Alexa, access apps, and more. Popular options are Samsung Smart TVs, LG webOS TVs, Sony Android TVs.
  • Smart speakers – Devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod provide voice-activated music streaming, news/weather updates, home automation control and more. Great for whole home audio.
  • Wireless streaming devices – Plug-ins like Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV connect “dumb” TVs to streaming services and smart functionality. They make it easy to watch internet entertainment on any TV.
  • Smart remotes – Remotes from Caavo, Logitech Harmony and others consolidate all your remotes and integrate voice controls. You can use one smart remote for TV, sereo, streaming box etc.
  • Multi-room audio – Systems like Sonos allow you to stream music wirelessly and sync it across multiple rooms or zones, control it from your phone. Makes whole home audio easy.
  • Smart light strips – LED light strips from Philips Hue, Lifx and others can sync colors/music and create a immersive entertainment ambiance. Control via phone or voice.

The latest smart gadgets and integrations make it easier than ever to create an automated, connected entertainment hub in your home.

Smart Assistants

Just about everyone has heard of or uses some type of smart assistant in their homes. A smart assistant is a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence that can understand voice commands and complete tasks or services through voice interaction. One of the best aspects of a smart assistant is the fact that it can make sure all of your devices are able to work together and communicate with each other, even when there are documented issues with different devices. 

Some key examples and uses of smart assistants include:
  • Amazon Alexa – The voice assistant that powers Echo smart speakers and other Amazon devices. Alexa allows you to ask questions, control smart home devices, play music, set timers/reminders, make calls, and more through voice commands.
  • Google Assistant – Google’s smart assistant that is built into Google Home speakers, Android phones and other devices. You can use your voice to get information, listen to music, manage everyday tasks, control smart devices, and more. 
  • Apple Siri – Siri is the smart assistant built into Apple products like iPhones, iPads, Macs, HomePod and Apple Watch. Use Siri to place calls, send messages, set reminders, search the web, control music playback, and manage other device functions.
  • Microsoft Cortana – Cortana is the smart AI assistant for Windows 10 devices and Microsoft’s counterpart to Siri and Alexa. You can talk to Cortana to schedule meetings, set alarms, get news briefings, open apps, and automate other tasks.

Key uses for smart assistants include hands-free help around the house, automating IoT devices, getting quick answers to questions, entertainment control, and overall productivity. The conversational AI makes it quick and convenient to get things done through natural voice interaction.

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