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What Are The Hardest Months To Sell A House?

Selling a house is no easy feat, and depending on the time of year you list your property, it can be even more difficult to find a buyer. If you’re trying to determine the hardest months to sell a house, pay attention to seasons and holidays, as many home buyers alter their search during popular vacation times and winter weather.

Key Takeaways:

  • The winter months from November to February are more challenging for home sales due to holiday distractions and cold, snowy weather.
  • Late spring to mid-summer can also be a difficult time to sell as families focus on end-of-school activities and summer travel plans.  
  • September and October tend to be the easiest months to sell a house in many markets.

The most difficult time period to sell a house tends to be from November to February. There are a few factors that contribute to the “hardest months to sell a house” being in the late fall and winter:

Holiday Distractions

Between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s, most potential home buyers are focused more on holiday festivities than real estate searches during the winter months. Showing and selling homes over the holidays can prove frustrating and fruitless.

Unpleasant Weather 

Cold temperatures and snowstorms during the winter months deter many prospective buyers from wanting to check out homes in person. Icy sidewalks and driveways also don’t show properties in their best light.

Financial Restrictions

Following heavy holiday spending into the early new year, buyers are less motivated or equipped to take on a new mortgage. With holiday bills coming due, discretionary funds that could be used for purchasing real estate often dry up.

Spring Distractions

Once the winter holidays pass, the period from March through June brings its own challenges for sellers due to school schedules and warmer weather. Just when buyer interest typically perks up, families are occupied with school activities like parent-teacher conferences, school break vacations, graduations, and youth sports schedules.

Summer Travel Plans 

July and August signal prime time for travel and vacations, so real estate again takes a backseat. Many serious buyers postpone their searches until after Labor Day. With kids home from school all summer, weekends that would typically be open for house tours are instead booked up by little league games, trips to the lake, and family BBQs.

In many U.S. markets, the easiest “hardest months to sell a house” tend to be September and October. Kids are back in school, holiday distractions are still months away, and cooler fall temperatures make house hunting comfortable. Buyers want to get settled into a new home before winter arrives. Sellers who have the flexibility to list during early fall can take advantage of this sweet spot.

While you can potentially sell a home at any time of year, being aware of the cycles in real estate activity can help you time your sale more strategically. Pay attention to what’s happening locally in your area and discuss trends with your real estate agent to determine the prime moment to put that “For Sale” sign up. With proper preparation and reasonable expectations, even the most challenging seasons can produce a successful sale.

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