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What Are The Reasons A Property Fails to Sell?

Putting your house on the market can be stressful when it doesn’t sell right away. While there are many factors that determine how quickly a home sells, there is one common reason that properties fail to find a buyer: overpricing. Setting the list price too high is the number one reason homes linger on the market unsold.  In this article, we explore all of the common reasons a property fails to sell.

Key Takeaways

  • Overpricing is the #1 reason homes fail to sell quickly on the market. Pricing must reflect current market value based on comparables.
  • Refusing reasonable offers communicates the property is still overpriced. Be prepared to negotiate on price. 
  • Making updates, repairs, and staging improves perceived value. Outdated homes are harder to sell.
  • Maximize marketing exposure and accommodate all showings. More visibility equals more potential buyers.

Reasons a Property Fails to Sell:

#1 Being Overpriced for the Market

Home sellers often overprice their property based on an inflated sense of its value. But listing above the current market value in your area is a huge mistake. Overpriced homes stay on the market longer and sell for less. Savvy buyers recognize when a home is not a good value. You must objectively compare your home to recently sold comparables and current competition. Resist the temptation to over-optimize.

Turning Down Reasonable Offers

Once your property sits unsold, buyers will hesitate, wondering what’s wrong with it. When you do get offers, refusing ones that are reasonably close to asking price conveys your home is still overpriced. Rejecting several fair market value offers frustrates buyers and agents. Be prepared to negotiate and potentially accept a lower price than your original ask.

Neglecting Updates and Repairs 

Outdated, worn, or damaged homes are harder sells in any market. Making necessary improvements shows buyers your property is well-cared for and move-in ready. Clean carpet, new paint, updated kitchens and baths, replaced roofs, and functional systems impact perceived value. Tackle repairs like leaky plumbing and broken appliances that turn off buyers.

Limiting Marketing Exposure

Your home needs maximum visibility to find the right buyer quickly. Restricting showings, refusing open houses, skimping on photos, and not marketing online limit potential buyers. Widening your audience across multiple platforms is key. Highlight your property’s best features creatively in ads and social media. Be flexible and accommodating when showing your home.  

Not Prepping for Showings 

Your property needs to make the best first impression on every showing. Clutter, lingering odors, and dirty surfaces discourage buyers. Make all beds, put away clutter, clean thoroughly, and remove pets when agents show your home. Ensure decor is neutral and timeless. Stage each room to appear spacious, functional, and welcoming.

To successfully sell your home quickly, the list price must reflect current market value in your area. Avoid overpricing based on profit goals or unrealistic estimates. Price it right initially or be ready to reduce if needed. Proper prep, updates, marketing, and reasonable expectations are key to avoiding that common unsold property fate. To sell your house, keep these common reasons a property fails to sell in mind.

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