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How to Sell Your Houston House Fast in 2024?

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your Houston house fast, you have a couple of options to move fast. Selling quickly can have tradeoffs though, so you’ll want to weigh your priorities and financial goals as you evaluate these different strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • If maximizing sale price is most important, invest in preparing your home for market and work with an agent to competitively list and market for top buyer demand.
  • For the fastest possible timeline, selling directly to a cash home buyer can make the process easier, though usually at around 80% of market value.  
  • Weigh your priorities between getting top dollar or expedited cash based on your financial goals and time constraints when deciding how to proceed.

Option 1: Sell for Top Value on the Open Market

The first approach to a fast home sale is leveraging today’s active housing market to get top dollar value as quickly as possible. With housing inventory low and buyer demand still high in many areas, houses often sell within days of hitting the market if properly prepared and priced. 

To pursue top market value in a fast sale, focus on making your home as sellable as possible. This means doing minor upgrades like fresh paint, styling each room, and landscaping the curb appeal. You’ll also need competitive pricing by evaluating similar homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. Using a trusted real estate agent with digital marketing experience can also help ensure lots of buyer showings and offers to drive up the price.  

While it requires more upfront effort, listing your home in this optimized way can lead to attracting the highest price from buyers in a multiple-offer bidding scenario. So if your top priority is maximizing the financial outcome of your home sale, then investing some sweat equity for market-value pricing is likely worth it in the end.  

Option 2: Sell to a Real Estate Investor for Cash

If you need to sell your house in the most rapid timeframe possible, then selling directly to a real estate investor or “cash home buyer” is often the quickest exit strategy. Companies like these have funds on-hand to purchase homes outright without financing. This means you get your money from the sale more immediately to move onto your next chapter or investment.

The speed and certainty of an investor sale comes at the tradeoff of some equity, however. Most real estate investment companies will make offers at around 80 percent of market-value based on the condition of the home and required repairs or renovations. But what you lose in dollars you may gain in expediency, selling in days rather than weeks or months.

Cash home buyers also take care of all closing costs so the net proceeds you walk away with ends up higher as well. If issues come up leading to repairs or delayed closings, you don’t have to worry about appeasing an FHA or conventional buyer and their lender either. For those short on time or patience, this can be the quicker route to go.

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How to Sell Your Houston House Fast in 2024? Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Chris Schmidt Team
Chris Schmidt

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